Massive Update

Hello all, after months and months of preparation our new website is officially up and running. We have a ton of work on here that we have been holding onto exclusively for our website. Be sure to navigate around ALL of the sections and check out everything we have been working on over the past couple years. 2010 is going to be our biggest year yet. We have a bunch of stuff on our list to complete this year already, so be sure to keep checking back for new work. This blog will be updated regularly from now on. We are also on facebook and twitter if you are into that stuff. We will also be doing giveaways and other fun stuff throughout the year. Thanks everyone for the continued support and helping us do what we love.

Thank you Bxxxxxn

Current Work: Ford Fiesta Movement Mural. Silent Giants x The Work

Upcoming Work: Lupe Fiasco / April 14 2010 / Royal Oak Music Theatre

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  1. Jefta says:

    website looks and works awesome. good work.
    love the print work even more. enjoyed alot of your work.

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